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Some of the factors that contribute to have a top quality characteristics result are the advanced machinery and the ideal processing and storage conditions.

It is important to emphasize that the quality of the olive oil depends on the direct processing of the olives and the cleanliness of the mill machinery.
Specifically, the quality of the olive oil is inversely proportional to the time elapsed since the olive harvesting to the process of the olives at the mill: the smaller the interval between olive harvesting and mill processing is, the lower the acidity of the olive oil is, containing more polyphenol (oleuropein) and stronger aromas. And as a result we have a better quality of the olive oil and the possibility of selling it at higher prices.

In order to complete the processing and packaging of the olive oil, the following oil-equipment is necessary:

filter for plates
filler for bottles of 250ml - 5L
filler for packages of 150ml - 5L
capping for metal screw caps
capsule shrinking machine


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